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From: William Ahearn (
Date: 04 Oct 2007

--- Terrill Lankford <> wrote:

> But since they were specifically talking about
> films, should the same list of standards apply to
> literature?

That's an excellent question and I think a case could be made that there isn't series or roman noir. I'm not making but I could see the argument.
> Right after I posted my off-the-cuff list of films
> and books in my last post I thought about IN A
> LONELY PLACE. What a movie!

Read the book. That is really dark. I think the cast is great in the film but I'm not the fan of the film that others are. Even so, I don't see it as noir and never will. Obviously, that isn't linked to how I feel about the film.

But again, what links that film, "The Blue Dahlia" and
"The Asphalt Jungle"? No consistent theory that I ever heard . . .


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