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Date: 04 Oct 2007

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>>While I don't believe there is what most people call
>neo-noir, there is a post-noir. A film that continues
>in the tradition but expands upon the view in a more
>modern way. THE CONVERSATION is one of those films as
>is Godard's BREATHLESS and Melville's SAMURAI. While
>the two French films continue to the ineluctable
>tragic end, the Coppola film ends with the unsettling
>realization that the character is trapped by his own
>device and he will never be the same.
>That's my opinion and that's the only way I know how
>to say it. It may not be noir in the real sense of the
>word (and I'm using the original French definition and
>not that sloppy and vague nonsense that followed all
>the misunderstanding of what the critics didn't say)
>but what makes THE CONVERSATION so good is that it
>doesn't seem to follow precepts or design demands
>(like the completely retro Coen Brothers film THE MAN
>a damn fine film.

Well, at the end of the flick Hackman is not dead, in jail, or insane. Justifiably paranoid, yes. Insane? No. Still noir? Mmmm. Okay then.

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