Re: RARA-AVIS: Cain and Hammett

From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 04 Oct 2007

At 03:26 PM 03/10/2007, you wrote:

>I'm with the minority (Kerry?) on this.

Minority? After all my skillful, reasoned debate? Surely not. And lets not get into what I have on my hands, please.

To Miker:

I agree Spade is a hero, but for me (why should it be necessary to add that?) only in a noir world. He is not the Romantic hero that Marlowe is. Might not be the most noir in the genre, might even be more hardboiled than noir, call me wrong (someone usually does) but Maltese Falcon heralds a clear change in detective fiction.

Or ignore me altogether. I'm used to that too. Kerry

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