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Date: 04 Oct 2007

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> Stephen Fry, whose name is often mentioned in the same breath as
Hugh Laurie's, has written a number of books. The Stars' Tennis Balls was very dark, although very funny (as usual). It's kind of a spy thriller, kind of a murder mystery. In a pinch, I would call it noir.But please don't haul me up before the court to defend the category or my definition.

Fry has so many talents it's scary. Sometimes I watch him in a quiz show (a weird one) he has on one of the BBC channels. One day he was talking, very nonchalantly, about the death of the oldest survivor of the Crimean war... a turtle brought back to England by a soldier. As partners in the quiz show he has a chorus of imbecile-acting but very funny guys. I have enjoyed his books enormously, but they do require a warped sense of humor. This guy is out there, a true humorist with no respect for anybody or anything. And with a very dark strain. From Jeeves to noir...

I have not read anything by Hugh Laurie, but he is also multitalented and I would be surprised if he didn't write very well and with bite.



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