Re: RARA-AVIS: Cain and Hammett

Date: 02 Oct 2007

William wrote:

"I think we're getting lost in rusty and discarded romantic notions that might have been the last swill in the bottle as F. Scott Fitzgerald faded into a soiled and untender night dreaming of crazy babes, jazz tunes and class-climbing. Those guys came with the dust and are as gone as farm land as sobbing Okies kiss the sky. We're talking protagonists. We can be heroes for just one day . . ."

While that may answer what a hero is no more, what is one in your estimation?

I gave several examples of PIs I believe were not heroes, including a murderer (not in the Mickey Spillane judge and jury sense, but to kill a criminal partner), a child molester, an assessory after the fact to a murderer (again, not for justice, but to help a "black widow" femme fatale), blackmailers, etc, . . .

Yes, all of these are protagonists in their own books, but how are any of them heroes?


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