Re: RARA-AVIS: Cain and Hammett

From: William Ahearn (
Date: 02 Oct 2007

--- "Kerry J. Schooley" <> wrote:

> tell me,
> Romantic that you are, which of these "heroic"
> attributes would you emulate?
So here, mon ami, and what a smoke you blow for diversion and dissent yet the dotless dice sing a sailor's song far, far from the sea. And yet you hobble and blow with crippled memories of a Byron washed upon the shore and bitch of the sand between your toes and wonder where the shells have gone. It is not emulation that the fur ripped from a dying beast displays. Heroic is for Greek and Irish writers lost in mythology. Heroes are a far baser metal and confused with the desires of pretenders and pretensions and a dream of those educated in dusty halls that wait for the brush of earnest diggers who excavate and explain. And maybe they speak for you but their words are taken by the winds and traded by birds for so much nest twigs and reflect a light you never knew . . .


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