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Date: 02 Oct 2007

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> > Sorry William. We can both admire and appreciate The
> > Maltese Falcon,
> > but you just don't get it.
>With all due respect, we'll just see about that.

There needs to be more to this discussion that "is so," "is not." Mustangs, T-birds, angels on pin-heads, split hairs and protesting ladies are diversionary arguments; nothing to do with the text. You cannot simply ignore that list Hammett puts in Spade's mouth because you find it inconvenient. This list is a rejection of what many in Western Judeo Christian literature (and probably others) would say is all that makes life worth living. He screws his partner's wife. He's as capable of deception as anyone in the narrative. He is cunning and clever, and has no friends or loved ones. If he has won anything it is that his business will survive, and what a sad business it is. On the evidence it rewards him with little in the way of income or anything else.

You say this is not "screwed" in the noir sense, but tell me, Romantic that you are, which of these "heroic" attributes would you emulate?

So there, Kerry

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