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From: Don Lee (
Date: 01 Oct 2007

Just wondering where you were "in the frozen tundra" and the details of your 24 hour contest. My best friend and I are about to attempt the November write a novel in a month, month; but your contest is much cooler, and MUCH more insane!


--- "Kerry J. Schooley" <> wrote:

> Dave- up here on the frozen tundra we have something
> called an
> annual, 24 hour book-writing competition.
> Of course most participants have usually thought
> long and hard about
> what they're going to write before they enter, and
> the winning
> entries are edited and probably re-written before
> they're published,
> but they get the disciplined, sometimes difficult,
> pounding-on-the-keyboard part done in one mad rush.
> It's one of many
> techniques for writing, and it's interesting
> Thompson did something
> like it. However, I don't think it means, though it
> certainly may
> suggest, a lack of contemplation.
> Best,
> Kerry
> At 11:33 AM 29/09/2007, you wrote:
> >Richard, about the speed in which Jim Thompson
> turned out books, I
> >remember reading somewhere how he'd check into a
> hotel for a weekend
> >with a typewriter and whip out a book, so yeah, I
> don't think he's a
> >good example for someone who was more contemplative
> with his writing. I
> >also agree with you that you can't judge the
> quality of a book by how
> >long it took to write it. Btw. My own opinion--the
> lesser Jim Thompson
> >novels are still pretty damn good.
> >
> >--Dave Zeltserman
> >
> >
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