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Date: 30 Sep 2007

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> I know. Lots of people disagree with me. I just don't
> know why. I've read Hammett's works several time and
> the only ones that work for me are Falcon & Thin Man.
> The rest are just not well plotted and the characters
> are not memorable to me. I'm sorry, but the Op is like
> a cartoon character. Mike Hammer has greater depth,
> and he is a cartoon character. It's interesting to me
> because both Nick Charles and Sam Spade are very
> well-drawn personalities. What do you like about the
> other Hammett books?

I also prefer Falcon and Thin Man to Hammett's other works. I like tight plotting, and both of those are virtual How To manuals of storytelling

John Lau

John Lau

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