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Date: 25 Sep 2007

This is an interesting article on Simenon dealing mostly with his roman durs:


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> I wasn't really aware of non-Maigret Simenon either (I don't know
if they
> are available as cds, but BBC radio has done some cracking
Maigrets over the
> years) and on the what are you reading front, I've not long since
> Derek Raymond's posthumous Nightmare in the Streets (Serpant's
Tail), which, I am
> sorry to say was greatly disappointing. It had the requisite
Raymond style,
> some nice scenes, and lashings and lashings of existential gloom,
but felt
> very underdeveloped, particularly as a crime novel and the
Parisian setting was
> pretty much non-existent. The copy I have says the novel has been
> from a typescript, but I see from other websites that the novel
has been
> published before in France. I gather Raymond was probably treated
more seriously
> as an 'artist' in France (I'm pretty sure he won a literary medal
there) and
> I'm wondering if Nightmare perhaps fits better into a French
> - it was basically one man and his thoughts. If anyone can
enlighten me I'd
> be most grateful.
> On recent reads, I've had something akin to reading block for
around three
> years now (it's horrible, believe you me), which I'm sure is
related to
> depression/addiction thangs I've been battling - and the medication
to treat them.
> I just can't concentrate. So, I'm trying short strories and
discovered a
> Raymond Chandler collection - Pearls Are A Nuisance. The title
story is the first
> Chandler I've read and not really cared for - it's the drunkest
story I've
> ever read with bottles and bottles of the hard stuff flying around
and features
> a supremely annoying protaganist in Walter Gage - an amateur
> the theft of some pearls from his girlfriend's employer. (the rest
of the
> collection is much, much better).
> Oh, and if anyone can cure readers' block, send the tablets here
> All the best,
> Colin
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