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From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 24 Sep 2007

>Mark said:
> > But not all. What do you do with something like James Sallis's Lew
> > Griffin books? I would classify them as postmodern in their telling,
> > especially as the series goes on and the writing gets more and more
> > reflexive, as much about how the story is being related as the story
> > itself. However, my belief in the characters and situations is
>never > in doubt.

1. How about Lethem, too? And could we consider They Shoot Horses, Don't They to be post modern? Characters and situations largely believable in my reading.

2. Usually what is deconstructed, made apparent, is the operation of communication, the function of narrative etc. and how they affect what we believe is "real", so it's understandable if we come to doubt our belief in the characters and their situations as a consequence of their narrative deconstruction. Reality is a function of faith. There's plenty of evidence for that in characters and situations outside of post-modern fiction. There's little if anything in what we consider modern life that isn't interpreted by public media.

Best, Kerry

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