RARA-AVIS: Such Men Are Dangerous by Lawrence Block

From: Ed Lynskey ( e_lynskey@yahoo.com)
Date: 24 Sep 2007

Lawrence Block wrote this military noir early in his writing career about Paul Kavanagh, an ex-Green Beret who retires from the trade.

What's interesting is that Paul falls in love with his solitary, Crusoe-like life on a deserted Florida Keys island. George Dattner hunts up Paul, and they plot to steal a shipment of nuclear weapons from the military in the Dakotas.

Paul tells their caper in a low-keyed, conversational manner. He gets so far in, you're left wondering if he'll ever get back to his island paradise a million dollars richer.

This novel goes, and is one of the better retired-from-the-spy-trade crime books I've read.

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