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Date: 24 Sep 2007

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I have just started reading the Orion
> > Crimemasterworks
> > edition of Cornell Woolrich's NIGHTWEBS - a dozen
> > long short-stories -
> > and realised that I might never have read any
> > Woolrich before this. I
> > find myself interested, curious, and wanting to
> > explore a bit further at
> > least. Any special recommendations among his novels?
> >
> "Waltz Into Darkness." A noir epic. Or "Manhattan Love
> Song." Both are in print.
> William
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I find this an odd choice of Woolrich novels and not to my mind representative of Woolrich at his best. The best thing about WALTZ INTO DARKNESS is the title. As brilliant as Woolrich could be, there are few things worse than a bad Woolrich novel. He always danced close to edge in his emotionally charged prose and sometimes he crossed the line into the maudlin. I couldn't finish WALTZ despite several tries. MANHATTAN LOVE SONG is interesting because it was Woolrich's last mainstream novel and is a bridge to his crime fiction.

My favorite is RENDEZVOUS IN BLACK with PHANTOM LADY and DEADLINE AT DAWN as two others that illustrate Woolrich's special brand of suspense.

Richard Moore
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