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From: Jack Bludis ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 23 Sep 2007

When I first heard the term Postmodern it was here on Rara_Avis. I looked it up at m-w.com and found this:

2 a : of, relating to, or being any of various movements in reaction to modernism that are typically characterized by a return to traditional materials and forms (as in architecture) or by ironic self-reference and absurdity (as in literature) b : of, relating to, or being a theory that involves a radical reappraisal of modern assumptions about culture, identity, history, or language <postmodern feminism>

Now that's about as confusing as any of us could come up with.

OK, here's my one-word definition: wry

When I first read the Mirriam-Webster definition, I thought of Dos Passos's *USA* and James Joyce's *Ulysses.* They're not crime novels, of course.


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