RARA-AVIS: Re: What are you reading?

From: Peter ( rightguy60@yahoo.com)
Date: 22 Sep 2007

Yeah, dry spells of nothing "new" to read not withstanding, from time to time, something comes up in a discussion or watching a TV show or seeing a movie and that'll trigger a memory that'll have me reaching for the shelves for one of the oldies.... something of a refresher course of why I kept such and such tome in my possession, saved over the long haul...

Someone here mentioned High Life by Stokoe. Man, what a bent little piece of work that book is. Not sure if they guy has churned out anything since.

Looking forward to reading the latest by Zeltserman and have been enjoying what he's been having to say here on the list; some good tips as well.

Am I the only one here on the list that's champing at the bit to see the Coen Bros adaptation of No Country For Old Men? Saw the remake of 3:10 to Yuma the other week. Not half bad but certainly could have used a little more pruning in the editing room. Can't remember the actor's name (same cat who played in Six Feet Under as the art school paramour of Claire's) pretty much stole the show in every scene he appeared in as Russel Crowe's second.

Gonna try to check out Eastern Promises tonight. Nice to see Cronenberg seemingly hitting a nice stride after a string of stinkers where I thought all hope was gone (Spider, Crash, M Butterfly--yeesh!).

Over and out.

-Peter http://www.yourfleshmag.com/

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, "cptpipes2000" <cptpipes@...> wrote:
> Peter said:
> > Last couple months have re-read Cassidy's Girl by Goodis (this after
> > reading the Hard Case edition of The Wounded and The Slain), Big
> > Blowdown & Shoedog by Pelecanos and Tapping The Source by Kem
> > Nunn...
> Peter, for better or worse I am a lot like you in the sense that
> lately I've taken as much enjoyment from re-reading a few from my
> favorites (Pelecanos, Mosley, Sallis, Block, etc.) as from seeking out
> new gems. I know they're out there, but sometimes it's nice to return
> to the old stand-bys.

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