RARA-AVIS: Popular literature

From: E. Borgers ( webeurop@yahoo.fr)
Date: 20 Sep 2007

A few words to present a dictionary that was published in September in France, dealing with all the aspects of French popular lit. and genre lit., including of course detection novels, crime novels, some modern noir…etc
  Being a dictionary, it is more designed as a well documented introduction given under each of the 500 entries, than an encyclopaedic approach. It's definitely not exhaustive, but remains very interesting by its broad spectrum of subjects. Under others, good leads to the roots of crime novel and noir through the French "feuilletonists", or the very fist signs of detection and police work in novels during the early 19th century…
  Editor : Daniel Comp貥 - Publisher : Nouveau Monde Editions
  (I took part to it, *very* modestly, concerning certain aspects of contemporary French noir)
  Other genres are of course presented: SF and fantasy, adventure, romance, sword, and many more (through analyses of publications and authors from France, Canada, Belgium)
  All avoiding unnecessary university specialist jargon.
  A good "survival tool" for aficionados, researchers and teachers.
  It's in French, but I suppose it can be of interest for some members of this list.
  Short presentation (with part of Comp貥's Introduction to the dictionary), at:

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