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From: E. Borgers (
Date: 02 Sep 2007

As my messages seem not arriving to the list, I repeat the one of two days ago
  Dog fights in noir lit.
  There's the noir novel by Ray Ring: ARIZONA KISS, which is excellent ; it has illegal dog fights, and dog trained for the purpose, playing an important role in the story
  In movies
  One of the best, IMO, is AMORE PERROS (Mexico- 2000), a terrific noir film.
  Bleak, violent with dark poetic. Dog trained to fight and organized dog fights make the chore of a good half of the story told. Not to be missed.
  E. Borgers

Bill Crider <> a 飲it :
          A very dark book about dogfighting is Ray Ring's ARIZONA KISS, which I'm sure must have been mentioned here before.

Bill Crider

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