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Date: 19 Sep 2007

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> I've just started Carl Hiaassen's Native Tongue, in an omnibus with Strip
> Tease. I've been on a Hiaassen's hiatus, you might say, for a few years,
> having OD'd at one point. I'm enjoying this one.

I enjoyed him very much at one time, but stopped at STORMY WEATHER. another author I liked who was kinda like a cross between Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard is Lawrence Shames, who writes tough but funny stories involving east coast mobsters in the Florida Keys

James W. Hall's crime stories set in various parts of South FLA aren't as overtly amusing, but quirky nonetheless. he invents things like bad guys with birth defects that make them incapable of feeling physical pain, and winds up dissolving them in vats of chemicals, leaving their eyeballs floating on top. and his series character Thorne (just Thorne) is like Travis McGee gone Thoreau

I haven't read him in some time so I'm probably blurring details, but the gist is accurate. I'm sure Vicki has some thoughts on Mr. Hall's work

John Lau

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