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From: Karin Montin (
Date: 19 Sep 2007

I've just started Carl Hiaassen's Native Tongue, in an omnibus with Strip Tease. I've been on a Hiaassen's hiatus, you might say, for a few years, having OD'd at one point. I'm enjoying this one.

I've just finished The Eyre Affair, featuring literary detective special operative Thursday Next, by Jasper Fforde. A lot of fun: part detective novel, part SF, totally literary, humorous and satirical. A lot of HB conventions observed, but definitely not all. As usual, I'm about four books behind in this series.

I recently read Fresh Flesh, by Stella Duffy, in which lesbian detective Saz Martin tries to track down the biological parents of her child-to-be's biological father and uncovers "the greatest crime of all." It was okay, not great.

Read two more by Liz Evans this summer, Who Killed Marilyn Monroe? and Cue the Easter Bunny. Private detective Smith ekes out a living in a rundown English seaside town. The wry humour appeals to me.

I saw The Narrow Margin (1952). A woman has to be escorted across the country by train to testify at a big criminal trial. Great twist at the end, but a few unlikely bits in the middle. I don't think this was based on a book, but it is film noir as far as I'm concerned, so I'll just slip in this mention.

Also saw The Big Clock (1948), based on the book by Fearing. The plot is simplified somewhat, perhaps for cinematic reasons, but I got the impression it was more to clean it up. For instance, in the book, George Stroud has spent a weekend with the woman who winds up murdered. In the movie, he's just been drinking with her. The motive for the murder is changed slightly, as well, but since I didn't think it was very convincing to begin with, I didn't much care. The film was overall quite good.

On the other hand, I watched Vertigo (based on d'Entre les Morts by Boileau and Narcejac) with my kids and we laughed in all the wrong places. The scene where the carousel operator crawls underneath on his belly to turn off the out-of-control ride, but stops to wipe his brow just before getting to the controls, had them howling in disbelief. Poor Hitchcock's reputation is not holding up among my younger generation. But we keep going back for another try.


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>I'm pretty sure when I joined this list several years ago we used to discuss
>books and what we were reading. In recent months this seems to have been
>forgotten and many of the regular readers/posters seem to have disappeared.
>Oh, where, oh where have they gone? Anyone want to tell me and other list
>members what they have been reading or tell us about some of their recent
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