Re: RARA-AVIS: What Are You Reading?

Date: 18 Sep 2007

> I'm pretty sure when I joined this list several years ago we used to
> discuss
> books and what we were reading. In recent months this seems to have been
> forgotten and many of the regular readers/posters seem to have disappeared.
> Oh, where, oh where have they gone? Anyone want to tell me and other list
> members what they have been reading or tell us about some of their recent
> finds?
> Kent Morgan
nothing obscure over here. just read Mike Connelly's ECHO PARK (up to the author's usual high standards) and Tom Perry's NIGHTLIFE (compelling to start, but runs out of gas) . I'm a longtime fan of both authors

just started Ken Bruen's THE GUARDS, my first Bruen. love the man's prose style. got T. Jeff Parker's THE FALLEN on top of the TBR pile, butt-ended by Larry Block's HIT PARADE. looking around for Greg Rucka's new Atticus Kodiac PATRIOT ACTS, but haven't seen it anywhere yet

went thru a long stretch where I didn't get to read anything at all. now that I've come thru that tunnel, I'm going to pay a visit to Amazon soon and get copies of BLONDE LIGHTNING, CRUEL POETRY and THE FOLLOWER by persons unnamed

got a fairly lengthy list by other authors new to me, but recommended here, that I'll try and track down in Borders or Barnes & Noble and read a few pages to see if I like where they're going

John Lau

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