Re: RARA-AVIS: Fright by Cornel Woolrich

From: William Ahearn (
Date: 15 Sep 2007

--- Dave Zeltserman <> wrote:
> I'm very interested in what fellow RARA-AVIANs think
> about this book
> and Woolrich--also any recommendations for their
> favorite Woolrich
> books.
Will keep an eye out for that one. Manhattan Love Song is another priceless Woolrich as is Waltz Into Darkness. It's a noir epic and although it's been filmed twice, neither movie gets anywhere near the book. As for his style and his reliance on coincidence and impersonations and other tricks of the time, I agree with you but when I read him I just put my reservations aside and have fun with what he's doing. After reading overwrought "serious" writers, he's a great break. I love the guy's stuff even when it makes me groan . . .


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