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Date: 14 Sep 2007

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>> Since you're new here, William, let me give you some
>> background in the interest of saving you some time.
>Actually, I was here before. But that's nitpicking.

To pick another nit, William: You weren't around long enough the first time to not still be considered "new" this time. And you slammed the door pretty hard when you left. You insulted some of the members of this list specifically and then the entire list in general. But we're actually a pretty fair minded lot with grotesquely thick skins, so I'm sure no one minds your return to the fold. It's your attitude that seems to scream "I'm an expert and what I say goes!" that I question. (And if I'm somehow misreading your posts, I apologize in advance.) Everyone on this list has knowledge of the subject at hand. Some more than others. But the only "noir expert" I can think of is Eddie Muller. That guy bleeds noir. I would take his word over anyone else in the world when it comes to what is and isn't noir. Everything else is just discussion. (Which is what this list was designed for - not pontification, although plenty of that happens from time to time anyway.)

>> So good luck with your quest. I can't wrap my head
>> around why anyone would want a "unified field
>> theory" on any literary concept.
>What you can't wrap your head around is that it's a
>lot of fun.

Brian's not alone on that one. I can't wrap my head around it either. I'm more interested in hearing about a wide range of crime fiction related material than endless discussions about how to narrowly define the thing. But if that's what everyone wants to talk about, I hope it can be done with civility.

We're all in this leaky boat together...

I hope you stick around longer this time. I think you have a lot to contribute to the discussion - whichever way it might turn.


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