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With all due respect, if THE KILLERS and THE ASPHALT JUNGLE aren't noir, then nothing is.

Brian Thornton

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> Aren't there a few movies made from Chandler's work
> that are considered noir?
  I don't want to start a whole thing over this but I
  don't consider Chandler or Hammett or Spillane as
  noir. And that's not based on the fact that novels and
  stories with Philip Marlowe could be considered a
  series (in reference to the original post) but because
  they're of a completely different sensibility.
  Granted, I may be alone in this definition but the
  more I research what two French critics actually meant
  (and didn't coin) I feel more strongly than ever. I
  might as well go with both barrels and say that I
  don't think Siodmak's The Killers or John Huston's The
  Asphalt Jungle is noir. Don't get me wrong, I love
  both flicks. In my world, what can be considered noir
  is much, much smaller than what most other people
  think. The French filmmakers had it right from the
  getgo. Not the critics. The filmmakers.

  And I'll articulate it better in essays since it does
  eat up a lot of space.



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