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Date: 26 Aug 2007

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> "I'm terrible with names, and too lazy to look it up, but one of
> Harris's early Lecter novels, with Lecter in jail, has got one horrific
> character working on a girl costume. The movie is Manhunter."
> Wasn't Silence of the Lambs the one with the guy sewing together the
> girl suit?  Manhunter was based on Red Dragon (which was later remade as
> Red Dragon).

yes. Manhunter/Red Dragon features a guy who breaks into families' homes and murders them, then poses their bodies to observe him in the moonlight as he
"becomes" the Red Dragon

Brian Cox is Lecter in Manhunter, and he's bone chilling as the incarcerated cannibal who the protagonist once put away, but now has to go to for insight

John Lau

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