Re: RARA-AVIS: The Devil and Jim Thompson

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 26 Aug 2007

Lawrence Coates wrote:

And maybe saying Satan with a capital S was a misstatement on my part, and belongs more to horror.

***************** A lot of noir characters are just trying to get something for nothing. There brand of bad is stamped with greed and maybe lust. You mention the tempter as a Satan archetype, and I can go for that. But another character type that I see in the Satan image is the guy who is just pure evil, mean and nasty for its own pleasure. There are a few of those in noir. Lou Ford in Thompson's The Killer Inside Me is wicked bad. I'm terrible with names, and too lazy to look it up, but one of Harris's early Lecter novels, with Lecter in jail, has got one horrific character working on a girl costume. The movie is Manhunter. Highly recommended.
 Intensely scarey. Tom Franklin's Smonk might fill the bill, but I'm not recommending it. Franklin's got a book of short stories that are way better. Alright, I've strayed off the topic there.

There are probably many others, but those are the only ones I can think of right now.


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