Re: RARA-AVIS: Archer/Ross Macdonald

From: Jacques Debierue (
Date: 24 Aug 2007

--- In, Michael Robison
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> Mario wrote:
> If you say "I'm reading this book, a noir book in the
> tradition of...", there's another you, the analytical
> you, reading alongside. You gain comfort, but you lose
> transparency in the reception of what you're reading.
> *********************
> One brings a thousand expectations and preconceived
> notions to the reading of a book. Strip those away
> and you've got a newborn incapable of much more than
> chewing the book cover. A person is a sum total,
> contradictions, ambiguities, doubts and all. If you
> want to allude to some deconstructed transcendental
> self reading transparently, you go there without me.

My point is that those expectations and preconceived notions are not necessarily a good thing; on the one hand, they can condition you to stay within a "safe" zone, the comfort zone, let´s say; and on the other, they may obstruct your reading of certain things that could be of interest. That said, there are probably billions of different ways of reading, so nobody can really theorize credible on what "the reader" does, why, how, etc. We don't understand the human mind, so any "theory" is little more than castles in the air. It can be interesting to read... as fiction.

Genre loyalty depends a lot on conditioning and on the comfort zone, don't you think? Sort of like being a member of the Club!



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