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Date: 23 Aug 2007

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> > What I am saying is that beyond just a sensual
> > kneejerk reflex, reader response is a dynamic process
> > that can and often is open to influence by critical
> > discourse. So rather than being a secondary also-ran
> > in the reading process, analysis is a major player in
> > the shaping of a cultivated reader exerperience. In a
> > sense, the treatise begets the orgasm.
> >
> I don't think so. In particular, thinking of a story within a given
> framework does change the experience. If you say "I'm reading this
> book, a noir book in the tradition of...", there's another you, the
> analytical you, reading alongside. You gain comfort, but you lose
> transparency in the reception of what you're reading. >
> The danger is in sacrificing the truth for the facts.
> Now truth is a difficult concept to apply here. E.B. White wrote
>that the trouble with truth is its many varieties... psychological
>truth is unprovable and you can't argue with it. If a reader
>believes in the characters and situations, some sort of "truth" has
>been conveyed,event though a writer's profession is to tell lies.
> Best,
> mrt

Very well put. Thanks.

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