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Date: 21 Aug 2007

I just got back from a 10 day vacation and took along Framed by Guilt/My Flesh is Sweet and loved them. Great books both.


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>> I finished reading Day Keene's FRAMED BY GULT first published in 1949
>> at William Morrow, and available as a reprint from Stark House. The
>> setting is Hollywood after the Second World War. Bob Stanton is a
>> movie script writer accused of murdering an English lady. The twist
>> Keene drops in is Stanton on the fateful night was out on a rare
>> binger, and can't remember what he did. I liked the quippy dialogue,
>> wry wit, and noirish setting. Keene's prose is clean and accessible. I
>> was impressed enough to line up more of Keene's work, so he easily
>> passes the readers' litmus test.
> These Keene books are very hard (I would say impossible) to dislike.
> Clean writing, things move along nicely, and they are not too
> repetitive. The dialogue is very good indeed. Sometimes these books
> remind me of Erle Stanley Gardner in his A.A. Fair mode.
> Best,
> Mrt

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