Re: RARA-AVIS: Archer/Ross Macdonald

Date: 21 Aug 2007

Stephen wrote:

"Macdonald's way with similes can seem forced and excessive at times. I believe this is a common criticism."

That was certainly Chandler's putdown of Macdonald.

Like Dave, I read all of the Archers when I was younger, in college in my case. First I read a handful as I found them, but then went back and read the series in order. Who was it that said that Macdonald only wrote one book, but what a book it is? I saw them as variations on a theme. Unlike Dave, I still liked him when I reread one of his books
(Black Money? the one that's an homage to Gatsby) when we were discussing Macdonald a couple years ago. Yes, he often pushes his similes to the extreme, and sometimes too far, but that's actually something I like about his books, the highwire act.


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