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From: Michael Robison ( miker_zspider@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Aug 2007

Interesting coincidence. With no recall of ever before hearing of a CD called Kind of Blue, I find a reference to it in two books in a row, Connelly's Echo Park and Huston's Caught Stealing. I haven't finished reading it but Echo Park is fantastic. It was good to see Harry Bosch again. I was looking at the list of his books in the front and it came to me that I might have read more Connelly novels than any other author. I kinda turned away a few years ago to read some other authors and they stacked up on me. He can crank them out. It looks like he's still got four I haven't read.

Oh! I see that Martin Cruz Smith has got a new one out. He's still writing good books. I was going to say Havana Bay was the last I read by him, but I read the one about the Russian murdered with a radioactive poison since then. What's the inspector's name?Renky?
 Poor guy always gets the crap beat out of himself.

I skipped lunch today and forked over the cash for Caught Stealing. I'm looking forward to reading it. There has been a lot of discussion about it here.

--- funkmasterj@runbox.com wrote:

> As for Huston's Caught Stealing after the first
> torture scene, I had enough. I won't read a book of
> his again. I haven't abandoned too many books
> lately: Donald Westlake's Sacred Monster - I love
> Westlake's writing, but I couldn't think of a reason
> to care about the protagonist, Take by Bill James? -
> the author was recommended to me, but I didn't like
> the "too cozy" feel of it.
> I am currently reading Bill Fitzhugh's Fender
> Benders.
> Jordan
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