RARA-AVIS: Dead Street by Mickey Spillane

From: Dave Zeltserman ( dz@hardluckstories.com)
Date: 20 Aug 2007

From the aftwerward, Spillane was working on 4 books simultaneously before his death, Dead Street, an adventure book that I believe Hardcase is going to be publishing, and 2 Mike Hammer books that sounded close to completion. If you're a fan of Spillane (which I am), this book's a gift, if you're not, don't bother. The book has all the classic Spillane elements--paranoia, toughness, violence, honor and payback. The plot is post 9-11, and deals with a two threads, a tough but honorable retired cop--mostly in the Mike Hammer mold, discovering that the woman he loved who he thought was killed 20 years earlier is still alive but with her memory wiped out, and stolen radioactive material that some shady terrorists are planning to use to dwarf 9-11. The writing is solid--even in his 80s Spillane didn't miss a beat, and like other Spillane books, is as good or better than any crime pulp books out there. Highly recommended for fellow Spillane fans.

--Dave Zeltserman

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