Re: RARA-AVIS: Pulp Art Books

From: Nigel Algar (
Date: 14 Aug 2007

In addition to Steve Novak¹s recommendation of Geoffrey O¹Brien¹s HARDBOILED AMERICA (which was re-published in an expanded edition in 1997) I would strongly recommend Piet Schreuders¹ THE BOOK OF PAPERBACKS (1981) which takes a lovingly detailed look at the graphic styles of publishing houses and individual artists, UNDERCOVER by Thomas L Bonn (1982), OVER MY DEAD BODY (1994 ) and DANGER IS MY BUSINESS (1993) both by Lee Server, and THE GREAT AMERICAN PAPERBACK (2001) by Richard A Lupoff. Some of these deal more with paperbacks than with the pulp magazines, and some privilege the content of the stories over the style of their illustration, but all are generously illustrated and worth hunting down.


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