Re: RARA-AVIS: Mad Men

From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 04 Aug 2007

Exactly, Mary. I had just cut-and-pasted Jeff's last paragraph, emphasized that last sentence, and sent it to my husband, who keeps urging me to watch this wonderful new show. Five minutes was enough for me.
    Like PeeWee Herman, I don't need to watch the movie; I lived it. Joy

Mary Reagan wrote:
>I can definitely relate to your last sentence. I like the show, but it
> really bothers me to see the role of women in society back then. Can't
> imagine that sort of life.
about Jeff's:
>> For the uninitiated on the list, Mad Men is a new series (apparently the
>> biggest new show of the summer on any network) about guys in an ad agency
>> on
>> Mad(ison) Avenue in the early 60s. It's from the guy who produced The
>> Sopranos. It's primarily about men coming to terms with changing
>> times--having to accept women and minorities as equals, dealing with the
>> reality that cigarettes cause cancer (the agency has the Lucky Strike
>> account).
>> The show has it's David Lynch-like moments where there are hints of
>> darkness
>> just below the surface in otherwise idyllic scenes of suburban houses
>> with
>> white picket fences. It attempts to show the time period as it really
>> was,
>> without romanticizing it by appealing to any kind of nostalgia. It's not
>> a
>> past that you want to return to.

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