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Date: 04 Aug 2007

Nice work, Mark.

Anything to help me get the image of Elliott Gould sucking on a Marlboro, holding his hands up placatingly and saying, "Heyyyy mannnnn, it's coool...." when thinking of THE LONG GOODBYE is a good thing.

All the Best-


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  Thanks for the kind words about the article. And, yes, you are right: I
  I completely spaced on Ohls! I just put a short two-liner up for him,
  too. Thanks for pointing it out.

  By the way, for those of you who had trouble getting to the article
  because the URL I gave broke across two lines, here is a shorter link:



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> Mark,
> Great article ... One criticism, and it's technical rather than
> literary. In the article, there's an internal link to
> "Bernie Ohls," but when you click on it you're taken
> to a page that, though it has a short capsule
> description of virtually every other character, major
> and minor, in the novel, has no such description of
> Ohls.


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