Re: RARA-AVIS: Trailer *No Country for Old Men* & reading *Red Dust*

From: Lawrence Coates (
Date: 31 Jul 2007

Hi, Rara Avians:

Introducing myself, I'm Lawrence Coates, a lurker for the past few months. A novelist. Nothing too noir so far, though I have my aspirations.

I was sorry I missed the discussion of "No Country for Old Men," that I saw alluded to several times, but maybe I can take Jack Bludis's comment as a jumping off point on the way the novel ends.

Seems to me that the obvious and expected ending was to have the old sheriff prove to have the native intelligence and perhaps moral authority missing from everyone else in the book, and use them to bring down Chigurh. McCarthy declines to give us the promised end. Hollywood usually delivers the promised end.

I tend to like endings that deviate from what's expected in some way. I'm not necessarily saying that I loved the way "No Country for Old Men" closed, but I would be disappointed by a film that ended in an updated version of a shootout between the guy wearing a white hat and the guy wearing a black hat.

If you covered this extensively already, my apologies.


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>Subject: RARA-AVIS: Trailer *No Country for Old Men* & reading *Red Dust*
>I thought some of the Cormac McCarthy fans here might like
>to see the movie trailer for *No Country for Old Men.*
>Looks like the same book I read, but my bet is that
>Hollywood will change the ending--for the better, I hope.
>I am, or was, 3/4 of the the way through my third attempt
>to like *Red Dust,* and felt that I was wasting valuable
>reading time.
>If this is, as Jim Doherty said, four novellas linked in a
>novel, the first of the four was OK, the second sucked and
>confused the first, the third a waste of time. I don't
>think I'll got as far as the fourth quasrter--at least not
>for a while.
>Jack Bludis
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