Re : RARA-AVIS: Plunder of the Sun: The Movie

Date: 01 Aug 2007


Re your comment below:

"The guy who talks in between films on TCM said John Wayne's production company made the film and that Wayne considered starring in it, but passed. I'm glad he did. Wayne could do soldiers and cowboys, but that was about it."

Wayne did an excellent job playing an Irish-American boxer resettling in the Old Country and falling in love with a local girl in THE QUIET MAN.

He did a damned good job as an aging civilian pilot in THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY.

He did a solid job as a college football coach in TROUBLE ALONG THE WAY.

He did an OK job as a fireman in HELLFIGHTERS.

And, just as a nod to our own list's subject, he was at least watchable as a modern-day, hard-boiled cop in BIG JIM McCLAIN, McQ, and BRANNIGAN.

Not a cowboy or soldier in the bunch.


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