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From: Brandt (
Date: 31 Jul 2007



Regarding your comment, below, I have to agree. Some types of fiction lend themselves well to the type of villain you are speaking of. Police procedurals (what other genre has "procedural" in its description?) derive their power and impact from the fact that they are grounded in reality. That is what makes the genre so appealing for so many.

Joseph Wambaugh has always taken the approach of showing how the job works on cops rather than how cops work on the job. He is successful at that, in my opinion, because he tells a tale that is real.






. Criminal masterminds, a la Moriarty and Fu Manchu, don't really fit into the naturalistic, ultra-realistic atmosphere of the police procedural. It's like chocolate and pastrami, two really great things that don't go together

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