Re: RARA-AVIS: Types of noir (was Re: Pop. 1280)

Date: 29 Jul 2007

miker wrote:

"You mention the moral aspect and the end justifying the means as a possible indication of craziness (you didn't exactly say that, but I'm twisting your words to fit my need), but as much as it is denigrated, the end-justifying-the-means stands fairly solid in the school of ethics. We've also established that people can do some pretty nasty stuff without being crazy. I'm not arguing here. Just rolling it all around."

Me, too, kind of working out my definition as we discuss it, trying to put into words what was essentially a gut reaction.

I don't think you're twisting my words, pretty much agree with what you're saying here. In fact, it made me realize something that had been missing from what I wrote, something that was kind of nagging at me. For me, psycho noir's not just about ends justifying the means, but also the ends that are being justified. For the psycho/sociopath, the ends are always focused on the betterment and/or enjoyment of self, with others just as pawns for the psycho's fun. And it's more fun for the psycho (and reader?) when that betterment comes at the expense of someone else.


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