RARA-AVIS: Re: Types of noir (was Re: Pop. 1280)

From: mburch5717@AOL.com
Date: 29 Jul 2007

miker -
  I also think 'Othello' is another good candidate for Shakespeare psycho noir. I mean Iago is a stone cold killer from get go, right? In fact the idea has already been done in the 1962 movie 'All Night Long'. It was reset in the jazz world of the early '60s. And for all the jazz avians who have made their numbers known here recently there are bit parts by lots of the greats like Dave
 Brubeck, Charlie Mingus, John Dankworth, etc. And if features Patrick McGoohan as Iago here transformed a trumpet playing hep-cat with a mad gleam in his eye. How cool is that?

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