RARA-AVIS: Plunder of the Sun: The Movie

From: Nathan Cain ( IndieCrime@gmail.com)
Date: 29 Jul 2007

I just caught the 1953 movie version of David Dodge's Plunder of the Sun on Turner Classic movies. It was passable, but not great. The most notable thing about it was the scenery. It was all filmed on location in Mexico, and the ruins Glenn Ford was all right as Al Colby, although he wore a black suit the entire time and came off as more of an imitation Sam Spade than a treasure hunter. It wouldn't have hurt to have him lose the tie, but maybe everybody always wore ties everywhere in 1953. There was also a voice over, which was entirely unnecessary. The climax was also turned into your run of the mill gunfight. Don't know why that was necessary. The guy who talks in between films on TCM said John Wayne's production company made the film and that Wayne considered starring in it, but passed. I'm glad he did. Wayne could do soldiers and cowboys, but that was about it.

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