Re: RARA-AVIS: Types of noir (was Re: Pop. 1280)

Date: 29 Jul 2007


I don't really see psycho in terms of rational/irrational planning, either. I see it as more of an ends justify the means kind of thing, as the psycho is unbound by moral and/or social boundaries and is only concerned with how to bring about an end s/he desires. Sometimes, this will be done in an over the top way that leads to the psycho's exposure, but just as often, the psycho/sociopath is great at masking actions.

For instance, the psycho in Jason Starr's The Follower is very, very good at seeming like a normal person, very good at planning and executing his crimes with attention to detail so he will not be exposed, very good at deflecting any suspicion that comes his way (at least for a while). Same with Ripley. I don't see psychos as evidenced in raving lunacy, but in the extreme actions they will take to get what they want. They can act very rationally in the pursuit of those irrational, or totally self-involved goals.


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