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From: E. Borgers (
Date: 27 Jul 2007

Thanks for this interesting document.
  In between, I think I've found back the reference of the two parts documentary film I saw on a European TV channel. It must be a German film by Wilfried Schoeller, a rather long documentary (1h30) that was probably split in two for TV broadcasting:
  "B. Traven, l'inconnu de Tampico" (B.Traven the unknown man from Tampico- 1991)- apparently it was issued as a video in 2003.
  I could not find back the original German title.
  It was a very well documented biography and also, as said, a detailed analyze of Traven's hidden identity (ies).
  Following the recommendation by Richard Moore, I'm now reading a 1987 edition of TREASURE…, in French. A good surprise. I'll come back on it when I will have read it completely.
  The French translations chaos seems to thicken, as I discovered a few days ago that a lot of Traven's books (incl Treasure..) were translated from English or Spanish, *not* from German. But DEATH SHIP was indeed translated from German, as I recalled it correctly.

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