Re: RARA-AVIS: Vintage Crime Bibliography?

From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 22 Jul 2007


> Do any of you have a complete listing of the books published in TPB
> form by Vintage Crime back in the early '90's, after they took over the
> Black Lizard catalogue?

I have one somewhere I'll try to dig up. I think I actually own them all.

> I'd be interested to see the list out of general curiosity for their
> choices, as well as to fill in some gaps in my collection. (For
> example, it appears that they re-printed all of the Himes "Coffin Ed
> and Grvaedigger Jones" books except, somewhat inexplicably, for one of
> them--ALL SHOT UP.)

Most of them were trade-size reprints of books that had been published by BL in the 80s. They came out with very few new titles. A few stick out in my mind. A reprint of Neely's Plastic Nightmare to tie-in with the film version, which was called Shattered. There was also No Beast So Fierce, because a film was being released based on another Edward Bunker novel.

They started going to deeper into the Jim Thompson catalogue by about 1993. I think they would have done the same with Goodis if he had sold as well. They really wanted to get their hands on the Thompson catalogue to complement their Chandler, Hammett and Cain. Apparently he now sells as well as them. Grab a copy of one of the better Thompson novels and you'll see they're into 15th, 16th printings now.

Only one Chester Himes title was released under the Black Lizard imprint, that was A Rage in Harlem, which was a reprint of For Love of Imabelle released as a tie-into the movie starring Forest Whitaker. It was one that Vintage hadn't reprinted in the 80s under the Vintage Crime imprint. The other two were All Shot Up and The Big Gold Dream.


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