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Date: 22 Jul 2007

Thanks for the background, Mark. I have Kahn's book, but it's in the TBR pile, along with most of my non-fiction.

Speaking of books on jazz musicians and Charles Mingus, there's a great book about Mingus, his classical musical education, his demons, his devastating originality called "But Beautiful." It bears a look.

Did you know that none other than Duane Allman used to listen to "Kind of Blue" every night he had a gig before the band would begin to tune up? He said there was a world of inspiration in that album alone.

It's not the greatest selling jazz album in history for nothing.


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  Brian wrote:

  "Sounds as if he did it the same year he did "Kind of Blue." Yowza!"

  Miles recorded L'Echafaud in November 1957 in Paris. All in one night.
  They'd watch a scene. Then Miles would tell the Paris-based quartet
  backing him what to play.

  So it was in the lead up to the recording of Kind of Blue, the recording
  of which started on March 2, 1959. (All of this is according to Ashley
  Kahn's reat book on the recording of Kind of Blue.)



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