RARA-AVIS: Cathi Unsworth etc

From: John Williams ( johnwilliams@ntlworld.com)
Date: 20 Jul 2007

T. Kent Morgan wrote:
> Also inthe package was Cathi Unsworth's second novel titled The
> Singer. I loved her first crime novel, The Not Knowing. Bruen said
> Derek Raymond "is
> reincarnated in Cathi Unsworth" and that "I haven't been as excited by
> a new
> writer since I first read Ellroy or stumbled across the very first James
> Sallis." David Peace also raved about both novels. Anyone on the list read
> Unsworth? Maybe John Williams?

Um, yes, I have indeed read both Cathi Unsworth's books, as I 'm the feller who acquired them for Serpent's Tail. And very good they are too. The Singer is less of an out and out crime novel than The Not Knowing - it's basically that rare beast, a really good rock'n'roll novel. Her work in progress by the way, set in 1950s London, promises to be something extraordinary.

Anyway, while I'm blowing the trumpet for Serpent's Tail, can I urge all of you to check out the work of Robert Lewis, whose The Last Llanelli Train is one of the finest PI novels of recent decades, and is about to have an even better sequel, Swansea Terminal (published in the fall).

And next year we start publishing Dave Zeltserman, with the first of a supafine trilogy of badass out of jail novels that I'll happily commend to anyone with even a passing interest in the genre.

End of commercial.


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