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From: Charlie Williams (
Date: 20 Jul 2007

I've got a DVD of SERIE NOIRE, the French adaptation of A HELL OF A WOMAN starring Patick Dewaere. It's a great film but I can't understand all of it. No subtitles!

Anyone know if a subbed version is available? This ranks as a major Thompson adaptation.

PS: Speaking of Dewaere, Thompson fans might want to check out LES VALSEUSES, a film he starred in with Gerard Depardieu. Not noir but there's something Thompsonian about it. Also you can get it with subtitles.



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> >Thanks for the recommendations, guys. I'm gonna go
> >with Hell of a Woman. Also thanks for the movie
> >recommendations, Mario. I have ignored the noir
> >movies for a long time. I'm going to attempt to fix
> >that. Aside from the talk here on the list, a couple
> >books I got here recently spurred my interest in noir
> >movies.
> >
> >miker
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> Miker,
> A HELL OF A WOMAN is one of my favorite Thompson's. Sick on so many
> If you want to try some Thompson movies don't miss THE GRIFTERS and
AFTER DARK, MY SWEET. Very good adaptations.
> TL

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