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From: Michael Robison (
Date: 19 Jul 2007

Richard Moore wrote:

To me the most memorable aspect of that session was when I commented that Hammer carried a Colt (Army) .45 automatic and I had in herited the gun and a shoulder holster from my father-in-law who had it from his B-17 pilot days in the Pacific.

**************** Several great stories, Richard. "Trash" was a common term for Spillane's work. I heard the same thing from a junior high school literature teacher. I remember very distinctly only one incident in the novel. Hammer was drinking a beer with a woman and the beer dripped condensation onto her breast and Hammer was gentleman enough to remove the drip. I have still not rediscovered that scene. The search continues.

Also wonderful that you have an old Army .45 handed down to you. Although there have been subtle refinements to the design, that sixty plus year old technology is still solid and close to the best. In spite of a buttload of new calibers, the .45 is still a popular choice. Kimber and Colt and others have managed to produce reduced size models for an easier carry.

As far as the fellow carrying at the convention, many states are honoring carry permits from other states. An Indiana carry permit is honored in many other states, including Florida.


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