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From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 19 Jul 2007

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> Richard wrote:
> "I think the best Hammer novel is ONE LONELY NIGHT. Max Allan Collins
> called it the "quintessental Hammer" and William De Andrea said in
> ways it was the key book in the series."
> Is that the one where Velda is held hostage? And tortured?
> Mark
 Yes. And the cover was a bondage illustration of a half-nude Velda hanging by ropes from above. I bought this in the same little drug store and about the same age of 14 in the segregated Georgia town where I bought the Chester Himes' ALL SHOT UP mentioned in the last post.

At the Madison Bouchercon on a panel memorializing Mickey Spillane, I recalled that the druggist looked me in the eye and asked "Does your mother know you are buying this trash?" I told him "yes" and it was true. My mother was pleased that I had graduated from comic books and she was not about to raise an objection to a book purchase. However, I could see his back was up and he would be likely to mention this to my mother. Better not to push my luck.

Some time later I checked the racks at his drugstore and saw another Hammer novel by Spillane--KISS ME DEADLY, I believe it was. As I told the group at the Bouchercon, I avoided confrontation by shoplifting the new book. Fug him, was my thought.

My story got a good response from the audience. To me the most memorable aspect of that session was when I commented that Hammer carried a Colt (Army) .45 automatic and I had in herited the gun and a shoulder holster from my father-in-law who had it from his B-17 pilot days in the Pacific. Having tried it on, I thought the rig was father cumbersome.

The guy next to me on the panel (who is on this list) disagree with my verdict that it was cumbersome. He nudged me and said, "I don't think it too bulky" and leaned forward so I could see that he was packing a .45 under his arm. Guess he was right, it wasn't too obvious.

Richard Moore

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