RARA-AVIS: Pop. 1280

From: Michael Robison ( miker_zspider@yahoo.com)
Date: 18 Jul 2007

Thanks to Dave Z for recommending this one. It was great. I had heard that the main character was a replay of Lou Ford from Killer Inside Me and I was prepared for a replay of that. It's still about a small town sheriff smarter than he acts, but the mood was way different. Lou Ford is just plain scary, but Nick is hilarious. Aside from being funny, his homespun humor carries some serious and pointed satire with it. Not much is safe. Thompson takes a shot at religion, sex, hypocrisy, gullibility, and small-town morals. Twain came to mind. It also surprised me that the setting is back around 1910, near as I could tell. Although it goes without saying, the humor does not prevent the bodies from piling up.

I would appreciate it if you Thompson fans could give me a couple more recommendations. I've already read Killer Inside Me and The Getaway. I liked the former more than the latter. In The Getaway, I thought the characters changed too much towards the end to be believable.


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