Re: RARA-AVIS: LA not-noir

From: Con Lehane (
Date: 16 Jul 2007

--"I was writing some strange shit. Some time before, I didn't know when, my mind had rejected all reality as I had known it and I had begun to see the world as a cesspool of buffoonery. Even the violence was funny. A man gets his throat cut. He shakes his head to say you missed me and it falls off. Damn reality, I thought. All of reality was absurd, contradictory, violent and hurting."

Good take on Chester Himes, Al. I think his view of the absurd--in the Camus sense--is what's distinctive about the Coffin Ed Johnson Grave Digger Jones books. My own humble opinion is that the books were a kind of burlesque of the Hammett (Spillaine) view of the world. But then, I'm usually wrong in my opinions.

Con Lehane

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